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You'll learn how to create a web site that actually works for your local business and how to attract qualified traffic without relying on top search engine ranking.

You want a Web site that worksthat pulls your potential customers in and convinces them that you're the place to get what they want.

It's not hard today to get a site up and running. Which is why there are so many sites. But creating a site THAT WORKS for your business requires some inside knowledge that is very hard to come by -

Bottom line: For your local business to really cash in on the opportunities the Internet offers you need a whole lot more than just a store-front(or an office-front -

  • Unless you follow the right approach - from planning, designing, and setting up your site, to selecting the content, to marketing, maintaining and growing it - your Web site can't work.
Trouble is, getting it right can be tricky. And until now there really hasn't been anything tailored to the local business owner...

But now at last there is

Winning Business On the Web E Book A System for Making the Internet Work for Your Business, Whatever Your Business

The most comprehensive and powerful guide that covers all the bases and shows you exactly how to make the Internet work for your brick-and-mortar business.

Not another book about the Internet, but a complete course that deals with all the other things that owners of real-world businesses need to know and which ARE NOT covered in Internet books.

"Winning Business On the Web" has a checklist of 68 ways you could use to make money and save money. From marketing, promoting or advertising your business, on through to extending your selling area and getting sales from additional products, even if you are a service firm.

This winning system is specially developed for real-world businesses that are selling to local people -

You learn from an expert in business, not just Internet business who has owned and run retail businesses and service businesses as well as Internet-based operations.

And its no-cost and low-cost strategies show you how to get maximum results on a shoestring budget - as you'd expect from the author: low-cash and no-cash expert, international lawyer Marshall Bird.

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And Here's What Makes it Different

"Winning Business On the Web" shows exactly how to use the Net to skyrocket income from your real-world operation and serve your local customers better - but you'll also learn the best ways to sell nationally and internationally.

It?s a complete system for creating exactly the right Web presence, with step-by-step instructions on everything from how to set the site up, to exactly what to put on it, and how to use it to cater to the people most likely to buy from you - whether the deal is done online or at your business.

There are 46 Sections packed with information, including

  • Exactly what you need to do and how to use the Web to sell more of your products to more customers
  • Winning Business on the Web E Book A System for Making the Internet Work for Your Business, Whatever Your Business - click image to enlarge

  • What specific content to use that will appeal to the kinds of visitors you want to pull into your business

  • How to get powerful free content that nobody else has and which will attract new visitors to your site

  • How to set up your homepage for maximum impact

  • 25 super-easy ways to get the edge over your competition - no matter how big they are

  • 198 powerful headline ideas you can use or adapt

  • Secrets to writing copy that sells for any type of business

  • The ways to present your content so that visitors are pulled from the opening page right through to the action page

  • Getting the look of the site right for your targets, how to lay out the pages and (if you already have a site) how to change and tweak things so that it produces optimum results

  • The 12-Step-Guide for identifying how to make your business work and stand out online without needing to know anything about technical things

  • The right ways to use email to multiply your profits and the easiest ways to capture addresses

  • Examples of what successful sites are doing that you can adapt and put to work

  • How to build trust into your site (potential customers won't act without it)

  • The right way to add more revenue streams to your existing business

  • After-sales follow-up techniques that produce more profit

  • How to find new business opportunities and establish profitable partnerships with other retailers or service providers
And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look here to see more of what's included

Winning Business On the Web Sets Out the System for Making
the Internet Work for Your Business - Whatever Your Business

The tactics and techniques you'll learn are essential for every business regardless of size. And they work whatever product or service you?re offering.

  • If you don't yet have a site, follow this System to set it up right.

  • If you are already on the Net, follow this System to make your site now produce the results you were hoping for - but aren't getting!

Download it now and get Web Site Traffic Generators too - for just $20

"Discover the Most Powerful Ways
to Attract Qualified Traffic to Your
Web Site...

Without Relying On a Top Search
Engine Ranking

If you're serious about pulling qualified potential customers to your Web site and into your real-world business, then this will be the most important message you read today.

There's so much talk about promoting your Web site on search engines and directories that a lot of people believe getting listed on them is the only internet marketing they need to do.

B-I-G mistake.

It's true that search engines are a main way many Web users find new sites. But if your site doesn't come up in the first 20 or 30 results, the chances that someone will find you through that search engine are very low -

  • Because the vast majority of searchers won't go further than the first two or three pages of listings. And there are millions of sites.
If you can't get and stay at the top of the rankings (or somewhere very close) and you're relying on traditional search engines to deliver qualified traffic to your Web siteyou're in for a seriously unpleasant shock.

Which a lot of Web site owners have already discovered -

When they didn't get the traffic they were hoping for they decided that the Internet doesn't work.

But they're wrong.

It's not the Internet that doesn't work; it's the approach - and the dependence on search engines. These owners haven?t ever discovered the real ways to attract visitors. And so they're missing out on the riches that the savvy operators are reaping.

Web Site Traffic Generators E Book Attracting the Right Visitors to Your Business Web Site, Whatever Your Business

You Must Look Local

The truth is that there are many better ways to attract qualified visitors to your site other than trying for a high search engine ranking - especially if you draw your business from your local area.

Your potential customers are going online to research what products and services are available and if they can find what they want locally they will purchase locally...

Web Site Traffic Generators E Book is clearly presented and an easy read
NOT just by visiting your store or office in person, but increasingly by ordering, or buying, or making bookings, reservations and appointments using the Internet.

But if you're not the site they turn to, you're going to lose. So you need to reach them at the local level.

The difficulty, though, is that information about the best ways to do that hasn't been available in one place before -

  • A lot of the really effective ways to attract qualified visitors aren't widely known. And others are almost completely unknown.
But now at last, all of the most powerful and creative traffic-generating strategies have been gathered together and published in Web Site Traffic Generators

The Greatest Goldmine of Easy Ways to Attract
Qualified Traffic Ever Crammed into One Big Book

It?s especially designed for business owners who -

  • Have a real-world business location, and

  • Want to use the Internet to boost their income and serve their local customers and clients better.
Of course, the proper use of search engines is included. But many of the other strategies are better, easier, cheaper and more reliable than trying to get and maintain high rankings on general search engines.

In fact, you should use these techniques even if you already have a good search engine ranking, because to be really successful you must promote your business in multiple places and in multiple ways.

Web Site Traffic Generators E Book Attracting the Right Visitors to Your Business Web Site, Whatever Your BusinessThe Handbook is big, but it's easy to read and there's no theory or padding. Just key, go-for-the-jugular information that you can put to work immediately to build your business...

Quick marketing essentials are wrapped up in 35 pages, and you also learn how to get maximum marketing for minimum money. Then there are...

More than 139 different and specific ways to generate traffic packed into the rest of the book's 314 pages. Each one is individually explained.

Most of the strategies are low-cost and no-cost (as you'd expect from the author: low-cash and no-cash expert, international lawyer Marshall Bird).

Web Site Traffic Generators E Book is clearly presented and an easy read - click image to enlarge They will work no matter where you're physically located. And if there's a chance that you can attract customers from outside your immediate area, even from other countries - many of them will help you do that, too.

Take a look here to see what this Handbook includes

  • You're shown how to make your targets aware of your site and your services so that they come to you whenever they need what you can supply.

  • You?ll learn all of the effective ways there are to get the right visitors to your site. Many have never been revealed before and are not available anywhere else. Some you will know about, and you'll get a new angle on them.

  • You?re also warned about a handful of really bad options - so that you'll know to avoid them.

And the even better news is that -

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